Watch UK TV in Spain, France , Italy and Portugal

Watch UK TV in Spain, France , Italy and Portugal in High Picture Quality from anywhere in Europe 24 hours a day simply through your internet connection.

What is IPTV

What Channels can I receive from IPTV

Your Questions explained about IPTV

Scores of British expats all across the European continent are up in arms due to recent changes in Astra’s transmission beam which has resulted in many favorite channels simply disappearing off their screens.

On 6th February, 2014 most free-to-air UK TV services were transferred to a new satellite, Astra 2E with many of Sky’s TV channels switching to new Astra 2F. This has proven catastrophic for viewers in southern Spain, Portugal and parts of eastern and southern Europe as these areas have lost almost all of the BBC, ITV, Four and Five variants, leaving just the subscription based Sky channels to choose from.

Has the channel migration to the new Astra satellite caused you to lose some or all of your favourites?
We have the perfect solution to getting all your channels back – and more!

The reason for the loss is simply down to the newly switched satellites using a more powerful but narrower beam, meaning countries outside the target beam area no longer receive the signal clearly enough to watch these favorite channels. Thankfully in this era of high speed internet, smart technology companies have been hard at work in developing solutions that no longer rely on receiving signals through traditional aerials or satellite dishes. Enter the era of IPTV…….

IPTV Equipment Cost

1st Years Viewing and Equipment purchase €330.00.

2nd Year €200.00 for annual viewing service.

Pricing does not include Postage & Packaging. Please email us with your location details for postal charges.

The Blade Stream HD is not just another Internet box. It is the centre of your viewing world

We get a lot of people contact us about our system, and asking how we are different form other systems ie :- Android , XBMC or Free tv Servers like Film-on etc..The only thing common is that they all Use the internet as a means to transmit, everything is down to quality we don’t depend on other peoples streams all our channels come through a dedicated server which is only there for one thing , to allow our clients to watch uk tv.So no service downtime due to to many people watching at the same time, You do not require a VPN or Smart DNS Server as our service comes via a Private network

UKTV  is now available in Spain ,France , Portugal , Italy in fact anywhere in the world using a smart little box

Freeview TV is now available anywhere in the world using a smart little boxIPTV Anywhere are proud to announce that we now stock and provide the award winning “Blade Stream” IPTV box; a compact and lightweight set-top box That allows you to watch UK TV channels in Spain ,France , Portugal , Italy in fact anywhere in the world over the internet.

The set top box acts just like a regular Freeview box and comes with a remote and connects direct to your TV set. Even better is the superb 7-day EPG. The system automatically connects to a remote PVR server that records the last 7 days TV meaning you never have the set the timer to record a show so you need never miss a thing! Watch UK TV in Spain, France , Italy and Portugal !

IPTV Features include:

  • 40+ Live TV Channels.
  • 7 day Catch UP TV for programme’s you missed
  • You Tube – Web Browser – Games AND MORE
  • Watch UK TV worldwide
  • Plug and play – Easy to set up
  • All you need is a 5MB broadband connection. Check your Speed Here For anyone with a lower speed we offer a lower broadband option that can work from 0.7MB

So whether you love your soaps, want to watch Match of the Day, catch the latest X-Factor or stay in with Graham Norton, all can be watched live or on-demand through your Blade Stream IPTV box.

Channels Available on our System

Some of the UK TV Channels available :-

BBC1 | BBC2 | BBC3, BBC4, BBC1 Scotland, BBC2 Scotland, ITV1 ,ITV1+1, ITV2,
ITV3, ITV4, Channel 4, Channel 4+1, 5*, 5 USA, Channel 5 + 1, Film 4, Film
4+1, More4, More4 + 1, E4, E4+1, BBC Alba, STV, BBC Radio 1-6, Pick TV, Pick
TV +1, CBeebies, CBBC, CITV, POP, Tiny POP, UTV, S4C, Youtube, Kix, Chart
Show, Chart Show Dance, Flava, Bliss, True Movies 1, True Movies 2, Al
Jazeera News, Bloomberg, Video on Demand, True Ent, Movies4men, Movies4men
+1, More>Movies, CNN, BBC News

Also we offer 7 day catch-up on most channels so you don’t miss your
favourite shows!
as well as over 50 English radio channels

Watch UK TV in Spain, France , Italy and Portugal

IPTV Anywhere are proud to announce that we now stock and provide the award winning “Blade Stream” IPTV box

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